Welcome to the Summer Reading Program @ Franklin Park Library!

BadgesWelcome to the Summer Reading Program at the Franklin Park Public Library.  We decided to do things a bit differently this year.

In addition to the prizes you’re eligible to win by submitting book reviews, we’re also issuing you digital badges when you complete various achievements.  So what are digital badges anyway?

In a word, they’re online representations of skills you’ve demonstrated and events you’ve attended.  Lots of organizations are issuing badges now, including NASA, Intel, museums, schools, clubs, and, of course, your Library!

Badges are a great way to show friends, family, and future employers what you’re capable of doing.  And how can you show others what you’ve earned?  By signing up for an account with Credly.com, pushing your badges to your Mozilla Open Backpack, sharing them on LinkedIn and Facebook, and so on.

You can get started with all of that here at the Franklin Park Public Library.  Register for an account on this site to begin, then check out our badges section to find out what you need to do to earn them!



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